According to Wikipedia an effigy is:-

"A tomb effigy, usually a recumbent effigy or, in French, gisant (French, "lying"), is a sculpted figure on a tomb monument depicting in effigy the deceased.  These compositions were developed in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, and continued in use through the Renaissance and early modern period; they are still sometimes used. They typically represent the deceased in a state of "eternal repose", lying with hands folded in prayer and awaiting resurrection. A husband and wife may be depicted lying side by side. An important official or leader may be shown holding his attributes of office or dressed in the formal attire of his official status or social class."

The society has gathered together a number of these effigies as a resource to ensure authenticity in costume and depiction. Brass rubbing is a great way of getting to see all these great churches and their tombs. All you need is a large piece of paper and a wax crayon.

Female Effigies (To be completed)