MCS Training Events


We train every fortnight in the winter months and practice at events to ensure we give performances that are safe as well as enjoyable to the general public. It is also a great opporunity to mix with other members of the society to ensure we all work together to produce the best show we can.


Our Combat, Archery and Dance masters have been studying their crafts for a number of years both in the society and in their real lives. They will support your efforts to improve your particular skills. Our advisors will help you with understanding what kind of armour, weapons and costumes are correct for our time period and how to make or buy them.


Want to join in? Find out more on our membership page, then get in touch with MCS Publicity or look on our Facebook page and we will get back to you ASAP.

Want to book us? See more on our bookings page or contact our Bookings Officer via e-mail.