"The knights of the MCS"

Ralph de Stafford (1301 - 1372)

Earl of Stafford, Baron Tunbridge, Knights Marshall of England, Founder Knight of the Garter

Sir Ralph, with William Montacute, was a major participant in the rescue of Edward III from Nottingham Castle in 1330. He also fought at Battles of Sluys in 1340 and Crecy in 1346. He kidnapped and then married Lady Margaret de Audley in 1364 for her lands and wealth. He attends the tourament in the company of his wife, his 3rd son, Sir William Stafford and his 4th daughter,Lady Beatrice FitzGerald (nee Stafford).

He wears a yellow and red costume and often wears livery jacket and carries a staff of office and can be found marsalling the knights in comabt.

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