"The Ladies of the MCS"

Lady Margaret Stafford (nee Audley) (1318 - 1349)

Countess of Stafford, Baroness Audley

The Lady Margaret attends in the company of her husband, Sir Ralph de Stafford, her 3rd son, Sir William Stafford and her 4th daughter, Lady Beatrice FitzGerald (nee Stafford).

The Lady was kidnapped by, and then married to, Sir Ralph de Stafford in 1336. At this point Margaret’s lands were worth ten times those held by Stafford. To find out more go to Margaret Audley, 2nd Baroness Audley on Wikipedia

You can often find her at events in the encampment kitchens. Although of high status she often dresses down to oversee the camp kitchen. Check out the cookbook page to find out more. Also she can be found on the archery line hunting with a crossbow.

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