"Mercenaries, Merchants, Men at arms and Ne'er do wells!"


Christopher of Warkworth *

Having trained in the garrison of Warkworth Castle, he was well on his way to becoming a respected commander when he “disposed” of a superior over a woman, and fled into the night. He now travels the country fighting for whoever pays him the highest fee. He is suspected to be an illegitimate member of the prominent Percy family.

Look for this tall, bearded ginger malcontent often seen wielding duel weapons such as the falchion and axes for his current knight.




Gentlewomen and Merchants

Dame Janet

Lady in waiting to the Queen.

Widow of a merchant, now sponsers the Lady Alys of Sarum whom she is friends with. She can be seen at her show and tell display where she will be happy to talk about fabrics and fashions of the time.


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